Our farm

The surrounding fields and forests are managed by our family, we are members of the organic association "Bioland". On our farm, we grow wheat, rye, barley and much more. 

The estate was built in 1900 and is characterized by its impressive field stone walls. Opposite the farmhouse is the former barn, which now houses the apartments "Kornspeicher" and "Alte Schmiede". In the former cows´ stable today are bicycles, in the attic is a bad weather playground - and the former calf pen "Kälberstall", directly on Netzowsee, is the favorite among our apartments due to its beautiful location overlooking the Netzowsee. 

Each apartment has a private garden with garden furniture and deck chairs. On the farm, our chicken run around freely (summer children can take the eggs from the nests). Our two Labradors, Lumumba and Coffie, are very family-and child-friendly dogs who are happy to play and cuddle. Our mini pigs Liese (thick, round and slow) and Horst Schlemmer (small and alive) and the three goats Josefine, Schneeweißchen and Rosenrot are happy to welcome visits on their meadows. 

In Netzow, children can go for bike riding, playing ball or run around without danger of hazardous traffic. The rest is incredibly refreshing!