our chicken

Our chicken sleep in their little house in the middle of our farm. They spent the day with walking around the farm - they love to have a little look trough the windows of the apartment "Alte Schmiede". Holiday guests are very welcome to collect the egs out of their nests. You can also open their door in the morning so that they can go out and start their day - and close it in the late afternoon.

our dogs

Lumumba - our old boy is very friendly and loves to join you if you are sitting in the garden. Coffie - the younger girl loves to play with children or joins you for a walk. Some with our newest little dog Yalla - she's Coffies daughter.  

our mini pigs, goats, and sheep

Horst Schlemmer and Lise Lichtenberg are our friendly pigs. Brave children can try to stroke their bristles. The goats and sheep really like children's company.  

our dugs

On our little pont in front of the gate we do have a little dug family which we closed into our hearts. They look very nice and come about twice a day to grab some grains.