horse riding

Starting from Netzow, you can enjoy the finest horse riding suiting all tastes and equestrian skills. We recommend the following Horse Farms, which you should call in time when planning your vacation to book lessons or excursions. Spontaneous booking from Netzow is also possible, of course.  

Lisa's horse farm in Gandenitz (through the forest 4 km or via Templin 12 km)

Familiar, very nice little horse farm located in the old village Gandenitz. Riding hour 45 min. 10 €. They offer riding lessons, independent riding, independent or guided tours by arrangement and depending on riding skills. Lisa Hermann, Tel: 03987-409222 or 0171-5005059. 

Iceland horse farm "Hof am Weinberg" (Templin, 7 km from Netzow)

Very loving, very reliable, professional care. Riding lessons on Iceland horses riding on the beautiful course on Lake Templin, right behind the half-timbered farmhouse. Better with reservation, because the farm is sold out well. Anne Kathrin Liebe, Tel: 03987-7029391 or 0174-4130545,

Horsefarm Steindamm (Storkow, other side of Templin, 12 km from Netzow)

Large selection of rental horses and ponies. Guided rides for "professionals" or even for non experts (we tried out going for a walk with our younger children, with the ponies on a lead and the children in the saddle, around the horse farm in the forest - that's beautiful!). 
Annette Arndt, Funk: 0173/6015069 www.reiterhof,

Further and more detailed information on riding in the Uckermark: